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June 24, 2012


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TGWTG, the Spoony One, and Lupa...

Sun Jun 24, 2012, 7:39 PM
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People think that my opinion may not matter. That I am nobody. Well, that won't stop me from voicing my opinion. Just because I'm not famous on the internet, doesn't mean that my opinion means any less than someone who is well known on the internet.


When I read about the controversy surrounding Noah Antwiler and, I have to say, I am seriously disgusted with the actions of the members of this website. I am disgusted as a woman, a fan, a viewer, and fellow Opinionated Jackass...which was my nickname before I became the Angry Engineer in the Navy. Needless to say, the actions of those involved are most disappointing. Many of the members of TGWTG website are about my age, and I have witnessed idiocy on some seriously ignorant levels, but when you are voluntarily stepping forward to be a 30+ year old idiot on the internet, you are just asking to be discredited.

Granted, many of them started out as fledgling reviewers with no allied goal other than to produce their own videos and make a name on the internet and YouTube. Eventually, these reviewers decided to team up and create a website dedicated to this purpose to cover any and all aspects of media and entertainment with comedy, humor, belligerence, and some honest review information on the content they feature.

Some of my favorite reviewers included; Doug Walker (The Nostalgia Critic), Sage (Anime Abandon), Linkara (Atop the 4th Wall), Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob), CR (Familiar Faces), Nash (WTFIWWY?!), and Noah Antwiler (Spoony). Ah Spoony... that's why we are here today. And since the Nostalgia Critic is not around due to his getting married and attending his own honeymoon, the website has suddenly broken out into all out war...over a month old joke that two of their members had settled on and left in the past that went public in a co-worker's blog.

On May 11, 2012 Noah (Spoony) made a lewd joke to Hope (JesuOtaku), to which JesuOtaku addressed and Spoony apologized for the joke, thus they settled the event privately LIKE ADULTS. About a month after the fact, Obscurus Lupa went public about Spoony's little jab with a lengthy blog post (Which seems to have been deleted)  about how the joke offended her, referenced his comment as being related to a joke about Rape, and how such a subject was not something to joke about.

First off; Did Spoony mean for his comment to indicate to JesuOtaku; "I want to Rape you girl!"? I bet that was not his intention, and I did not interpret such a message in his comments, but I am a different woman than both Lupa and Jesu. Personally, I saw it as a standard perverted jab between friends. I would have handled it differently and probably would have rolled with the joke with something Sadomasochist related, because that is what his comment was reading-like to me, but everyone is open to their own interpretations.

Second; I understand Lupa's point in regards to the subject of Rape, and agree with some of her statements. But then, you could say Lupa is being a little too serious to the point she becomes overly sensitive and takes on an activist point of view with little humor.
But seriously…Is it okay to joke about Rape? In most general cases, no it is not. If someone was joking about rape about as openly as some people joke about racism, prejudice or murder like it is an everyday thing, then that would be offensive and inappropriate. If it is a private, non-serious joke between friends, then honestly, there is nothing wrong with it, especially if anyone in the group of friends voices their opinion that it is not appropriate or offensive. Several times, my friends and I make idle threats and jokes at each other. I can't count how many times we've said; "I am going to stab you." "Don't make me Murder you." "You want to go to the back alley and have some hot passionate kinky monkey sex?" "Sorry, you were asleep and the back door was open." "I will destroy you." "Do you like it with, or without the fuzzy cuffs?" "What's the safety word?….I CAN'T PRONOUNCE THAT!"
See? Jokes between friends, and always tell my friends if something bothers me. We settle things like adults should. I don't go blogging about it and letting the internet masses troll into them and making my friends out to be perverted derelicts of society.

I will now insert and comment various quotes from Obscurus Lupa's follow up blog to this event. I will also be personally commenting directly to Obscurus Lupa regarding these comments, and how she is contradicting herself. The comments that mostly drew my attention were part of her closing remarks of the blog, but to set up your own opinion, you can read the full version here (Before she decides to delete this one too):…

First, let me address one of Lupa's earlier statements regarding this incident:
Let me talk about why it offended me, versus something like Spooning With Spoony. The joke was about a co-worker, with no other context, in front of her boyfriend, and with nothing to instigate it. It was not "in-character," it was about someone he knew. Spooning With Spoony? Everyone is in on the joke. Is it dark? Yes. Offensive? Probably. But it is, very clearly, a sketch video involving friends. No one was involved with that that did not want to be, and Spoony was very clearly not making uncomfortable advances on anyone on set.

Here's a flaw in your interpretation, Lupa. Regarding the joke, it was referenced TO JesuOtaku, thus she was aware of the comment when it was made, which is why she contacted Spoony to let him know she did not approve. It wasn't made ABOUT her, because that would mean Spoony made this comment to someone else about her indicating a form of lewd gossip, which would have been more to your point. Also, if Spoony has never made any intentional advances to anyone on or off set, why would you use him to reference such a subject as Rape based on that one comment?

Next, the first paragraph in Lupa's final comments;
Do I think Spooning with Spoony is funny? Sure I do. But do I think the joke on twitter was out of line? Absolutely. Anyone who is trying to defend the joke is missing the point. We aren't being overly sensitive or PC, I just directed you to a review of mine that talked about rape. Nor should anyone have the excuse if they found out the person was offended after the fact.

I think you are missing the point here, Lupa. People are not defending the joke. They are defending Spoony as a person. The joke at this time, is the only reference that is linking the two of you in this subject, but it is not the primary subject of people's defense.

The last couple of quotes that got my goat;
So I'll end it with this. Was I offended? Yes. Did I only say something a month later? Yes. And it doesn't matter. That doesn't change what it was, and I'm standing my ground on this. I was NOT too harsh to say something, and more people should speak up if they know something is wrong. It does not just involve the person the joke was about. I don't care if the person who said it is popular, or more funny than I am. That doesn't make it right. It was a co-worker, and a friend.
Was this the only thing that set me off? Absolutely not. Was this the reason for what eventually happened? No. But this is what my deal was, and why I said what I said.
Context matters. For everything. If you disagree about how I feel, that's fine. If you think what happened to this individual was unfair, fine, but it was not because of one joke and it was not my punishment. And it's something that individual has said he agrees with. Did he apologize to the person involved? Yes. So people, stop defending the joke. Do I still feel like he's been a creeper? Yes.

Sooooo….if the subject of the comment is over a month old and was privately settled between the two parties involved, was it really necessary to bring it up a month later, go internet public about it and reference it as a "Rape Joke"? Seriously…no. Lupa, you are entitled to her opinion, but why would you go looking for a Rape Joke in someone else's Twitter comments THAT ARE A MONTH OLD? Was THAT really necessary for you to go witch hunting like that? You could have found references for your  blog anywhere else, but why go back through old twitter comments that are from your co-workers and friends, and use that to fuel your blog that is based on a subject that is guaranteed to get anyone crucified who is fingered in the post? Who else's comments are you monitoring/scanning through for ammunition?
Again, I ask you; Why would you go looking for ammunition from someone who is supposed to be your co-worker and friend? Why would you make such a blog and now label someone as a Rapist when he is guilty of no such action?
Oh…you didn't label him as a rapist? Oh wait…YES YOU DID. By referencing his comment in your blog, you inadvertently targeted Spoony and have now made him out to be a rapist to the ignorant masses of the internet, based on one singular moment of his own misplaced humor that you went public with your blog.  Does one misspoken comment define a person's personality? No, it doesn't. Does the actions of another potentially harm others, Yes it does. As Newton's Law indicates; " To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction".  Are you seriously not aware of the damage that you have done, Lupa?
The joke itself is open for interpretation for all people who care to read it, but at this time, you seriously damaged one person's reputation and created a whole new overview on his personality that is not at all related to who he really is.
Honestly, you defense is weak at best, and your comment that you FEEL that Spoony's been a creeper, that's still opinion based, and does not lay any fact on Spoony's personality. Seriously though…It's not that people want you to apologize for your opinion on Rape. You have every right to your opinion, and you have support to back it up, but you should apologize for making Spoony a scapegoat in your blog, whether it was intentional or not.
As a woman, I'd have to say to you, Lupa, it is time you stopped being a girl, and started acting like a woman. Girls leap forward without thinking and then take no responsibility for the ripples they leave in the puddles left behind. Girls think "That's just how the water flows," regardless of who gets caught in your wake. Women know when and how to approach a situation and subject with tact and can evaluate possible outcomes for what we do, and accept the faults that our actions have caused.
As my parents taught me; Think before you do. Look before you leap. Evaluate and don't speculate. And own up to your mistakes. Is it Spoony's fault that you wrote your blog? No, that was your choice. Did you seriously think before you wrote the blog? Maybe, but not thoroughly. You didn't think about how this could hurt someone, and by your comments, it shows that you don't seem to care either.
Is that the image you want people to have of you, Lupa? That you are willing to hunt down people to victimize just so you can blog about a point? That you don't care how you get your resources for your crusades, and are willing to hurt people to do it? How many of your co-workers will now be wary of you on Twitter, and about their own comments? See…you not only managed to hurt Spoony…but you hurt yourself as well.

Now that I have that out of the way, I would also like to discuss the standpoints of the other members of TGWTG. Choosing sides…really? REALLY?! What is this, the elementary school yard basketball game? Those of you TGWTG members who were not involved, please, don't stoop to this level and pick sides. You should be the Adults who should stand up and say; "The Shit needs to Stop." In my opinion, none of what went down should have happened, and it could have been prevented if you all came forward and said; STOP.
Lupa, Spoony, and JesuOtaku (Yes dear, this means you too) need to settle this matter. Why should JesuOtaku step in when she thinks it doesn't concern her? Because the incident started between JesuOtaku and Spoony, and she should be the one to tell Lupa that using Spoony's comment as a in her blog was wrong. The issue was a private matter, and was settled and buried between the two. Lupa shouldn't have dug up that naked corpse and paraded it around the internet for her own purposes. If Lupa really felt it was necessary to use this comment, she should have gone to Spoony, let him know what she thought of the comment, and ask if she can use it in her blog, and granted Spoony immunity by not associating his name with it. There are better methods of negotiation and compromise for two adults to undertake to ensure such chaos and human degradation can be avoided.  
Everyone is free to voice their opinion…but you really should think about your actions before you jump into a personal crusade, and hurt the people you consider to be respected co-workers, friends, or even family.
I think friendships and managements need to be re-evaluated on this "team". I'd hate to see what happens when shit hits the fan when Doug comes back from his honeymoon.

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Charlie-the-Patriot Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know this is an old entry, but I wanted to commend you for clearing things up for me. For the longest time I couldn't figure out what caused the absence of one of my favorite reviewers on TGWTG; now I know the ugly truth.

Thank you for your contribution, :)
disneydamsel98 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Also Lupa's been getting threats to find her rape her and/or kill her. also other horrible things.
Alzrius Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
SaturnGrl, I just now found this particular journal piece by you, and having read it, I have two reactions.

First, Sailor Saturn is awesome. :)

Second, I agree with you 98%. The other 2% I respectfully disagree with. ;)
SEMC Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll be honest, I really don't think that any of this was unexpected. I've seen this before and every time females try to remake an environment to suit their own wants over what was there. I've been following Noah for years and this just wasn't atypical behavior from him. I don't make it a habit to read his twitter because he insults people constantly. CONSTANTLY. He's one of those people who make really cool content but you never ever want to meet in real life. Its like really liking an actor and then finding out that they support a political movement and are suddenly vocal about it. Its like, "shut up and keep making movies."

Anyone that has ever watched Noah, heard his rants and dark black humor, and then decided to get offended by it as if it were something new and unexpected isn't just pathetic its moronic. We're talking one of the former "bigs" of TGWTG with an absolutely rabid and rage filled audience and how could anyone not know that he says really really awful things on his twitter feeds, vlogs, and livestreams.

Lupa was just being a complete bitch about the entire thing. I just don't get why she felt the need to get involved at all unless she had ulterior motivations.

I might contradict myself here, but as someone that never uses twitter and avoids it whenever possible, does anyone really care what people do on their own personal twitter feed?
XxThatCreepyGirlxX Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Seriously, she should have let it go. Spoony and JO handled the incident QUIETLY AND PRIVATELY like responsible adults, and it wasn't brought up again. But really Lupa? That was over a month ago. It was over and done with and should have stayed that way. Sure, maybe the joke offended you, but it's really none of your business. And there's no need to damage someone's whole reputation just because they make a stupid joke. You should have let it go.

This was a great read by the way. I enjoyed it :D
sunder2008 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
"So I’ll end it with this. Was I offended? Yes. Did I only say something a month later? Yes. And it doesn’t matter. That doesn’t change what it was, and I’m standing my ground on this. I was NOT too harsh to say something, and more people should speak up if they know something is wrong."

this is the line that gets to me... i understand that she thought it was wrong, and i understand that she has a right to bring it up if she sees fit, but why would she?

if the action happened so long ago, the consequences had run their course, spoony had APOLOGIZED, admitted his fault, and tried to make amends... WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DRAG IT OUT OF THE GROUND?!?

if something is done, it is done, that is the entire point of time, so that we can move on. once the chips have fallen, it is counterproductive to stur them around in the hopes for attention. say i have a jewish friend, and i offend him with a piece of off color humor. he lets me know, i apologize, and promise to not do it again. then, a month later, a nonrelated person posts online that i am an antisemitic? who is at fault here?

i understand that what spoony did is wrong, and i think that he does too. i think that what lupa did is wrong, and what buggs me is that i dont think she knows it.

i know that my opinion holds no weight, as i am simply a person online, a faceless specter, but my words do still hold truth. take from it what you will.
AngelERenoir Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh wow, I was away from TGWTG for a bit and this happened in my absence? I don't watch Spoony's stuff all that much other than his Final Fantasy reviews and Twilight vlogs, but I'm going to miss Spoony's cameos in Critic and Linkara's vids as well as the anniversary movies.
drwhat83 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2012
it wasnt even a rape joke,

" Y'know, if things don't work out with you and @Nash076, I'd be happy to chain you to a pipe in my basement and love you. My way."
there is no lack of consent implied. its much more a bondage joke then anything else
disneydamsel98 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it sounds like rape.
amyyams Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
Yea my question is why lupa was not suspended as well? At this point it seems that if Noha wanted to sue he could for the site not suspending her which led to his termination.
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