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June 15, 2013
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For a while now, I've been working on my own version of an "Asian" race in the MLP: FIM. I would like to see the show expand on other regions, sort of how they hinted at with Saddle Arabia and all. I already designed my Baby Asian dragon Lián: MLP:FIM Baby Asian Dragon More Lian
I had, long ago, decided to work on a Qilin race, but trying to develop an original look and to keep true to the origins of these creatures of Asian mythology was a bit of a challenge. Not to mention trying to come up with a name for their "Homeland".

Now, before people start commenting with "Those are Great Ponies!" let's get something straight here. I am a person of Asian descent, I take great pride in my heritage and roots, so I appreciate it if people Read my descriptions thoroughly, are respectful of my standing, and don't try to trample me with trollish flames, spam, or anything that may insult me culturally.
Qilin are not "Ponies". A Qilin is a beast composed of the head of a dragon or tiger, mane of a lion, the hooves of an ox or horse, the tail of a lion or ox, scales of a fish, and it can have either 1 or 2 horns/antlers. It depends on the area of the Orient that the parts of the Qilin are derived from. In Asia, Qilin are considered to be more closely related to Dragons. With how they are constructed, westerners should more correctly classify them as Chimeras, because by definition, a Chimera is "mythical or fictional animal with parts taken from various animals".

I've seen others make their own versions of Qilin, some are very impressive, others could use more research into Asian Lore. Most stuck to the Japanese Kirin, probably because of the popularity and influence of Anime. Its basically the same creature, just spelled/written differently from another Asian region. I stuck with the original Chinese/Tibetan name of Qilin for the species. I even thought of going for the Korean name of Gilin, but I decided against it because in the spoken Korean language, the "G" is pronounced like a "K", and that would only confuse people.

The Region that my Qilin hail from is called Neigh-Beyul. Its a play off of a real place in Nepal called Nghe-Beyul Khimpalung, one of the Seven designated Bhuddist Shangri-Las. The name "Nghe" means "Sacred Place" and "Beyul" is a hidden valley. I replaced Nghe with Neigh because it looks similar, and the Sherpa annunciation is close too. "Neigh" just gives it reference to the MLP world.
Neigh-Beyul is a land of Balance and Harmony. It is a kingdom that is ruled over by an Emperor and Empress, and it is a key region to ensure that all elements of nature remain equal and stable.

Like the different species of ponies: Earth, Pegasi, Unicorns, I created 3 separate species of Qilin based on actual Qilin references. The Qilin species are not identified the same as ponies. I labeled them to match one of the four natural elements; Earth Qilin, Wind Qilin, and Fire Qilin. Why is there no "Water Qilin"? Because Water is the domain of the Dragons. :) Males are generally a bit bigger and have longer tails than females. They come in a variety of colors, just like the ponies, but tend to be more along the lines of Nature and Earthy tones. Cutie marks are not applied here, since they are not ponies.

This is an example of Wind Qilin. Its a flash file that shows wings open and closed, so feel free to click to view full size. Typical traits of the Wind Qilin are the stormy colored Wind-scales that run along their throats, chests, and bellies. The scales also cover their wings, leaving only the primaries exposed. Their manes are mostly short and wind-swept and there is a thick wind-swept fluff of hair on the tips of their tails. They have small wing shaped tufts of fur on the Sesamoids of each leg and little tufts of hair behind their elbows. Males do sport mustaches and can grow beards. Beards are not required.
Wind Qilin have gold colored hooves.

Earth Qilin:
Fire Qilin:

These are the "Pegasi" of the Qilin, obviously. Masters of flight, keepers of the skies, and harmonize the Songs of the Seasons.

Now before anyone starts posting "Qilin don't have wings, but they need horns or antlers!" No, they don't need head adornments. And, Yes, they can have wings. Wings have been depicted on many qilin statues, like this famous one on the Spirit Way of the Emperor Wu Or this one from the Emperor Wen of Chen

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic style © Hasbro and Lauren Faust
The Qilin of Neigh-Beyul © Me
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Those 'winged' Qilins from the pictures from the tombs of emperors are in fact not qilins but pixius/piyao/pichu (well the female variety)
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