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Lineart: Updated Fire and Ice Rapier by SaturnGrl Lineart: Updated Fire and Ice Rapier by SaturnGrl
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Just like with my Lineart: Updated Senshi Knight Armor Here is another redesign I drew up for my Sailor Moon revamp. This is the main sword of my character, Saturn Knight. The Fire and Ice Rapier.
The old design can be seen here:
Sean, Saturn Knight by SaturnGrl

The original design was ridiculously ornate and was very flimsy looking, so I wanted to go for something more practical that actually would be more of a functional rapier. The bare sword on the left shows all the sword's details since the guard would cover most of them up. As you can see, a lot was broken down and simplified. Ice gems still adorn sword, but have been made smaller and now decorate the Hilt and Pommel. The Crossguard still has the flame theme to it, as well does the guard, while the rest of the hilt and grip has the crystalline ice theme.

The hard part was developing a sweeping hilt and guard that resembled fire and wouldn't end up lacerating the sword wielder. Took several sketch attempts and much frustration until I did a little more study on rapier hilts and guards that I was able to come up with the guard seen on the whole sword on the right.
Since this is based on a "Magical" anime, and since Saturn Knight is ambidextrous, the guard itself will change and reform to adjust to which hand wields this sword.

I am quite pleased with this redesign. Looks more like the kind of sword that a knight would be proud to carry, and would compliment Saturn Knight's agility.

Oh, and if anyone is wondering; Yes, he does keep two swords, but this is his main sword. There is a bit of back story and fan development behind this reason, but it is a bit of a long story. I'll probably fill all that in when I submit more updated fan art.
So for now, enjoy these redesigns. This will be colored and updated at a later time.

Please do not use my Artwork to create your own "custom" base. You're not allowed to trace or use my art for Bases on DeviantART or any other website for distribution. 

Sword Design © Me (DO NOT STEAL! NOT FREE TO USE!)
Bishoujou Senshi Sailor Moon is © Naoko Takeuchi
I always figured a Knight would share the same powers as the Sailor Scout in question they serve. But hey, good to see it's not the case here. Keeps it fresh.

First off. I must protest. Where's the Scabbard? or is this a summoned sword?

A Straight double edged sword. much better to it being yet another Katana, as they're overused in Manga/Anime and would clash with a Knight.

The previous Design showed two Crystals. I like this one better. Two within the Rain Guard/Chappe looked clunky. Definitely a step in the right direction. The Rain Guard looks great.

I don't like the flame guard and Cross Guard. the S Shape isn't cool and looks two dimensional. It, like the twin gem thing, needs to change. Despite how rapier guards are generally separate, it's too separate here, and it is distracting.

Overall I like it. The Rain Guard, something that is often ignored, is attention grabbing in a good way. The only glaring thing here is the cross guard.

I would like to suggest Alternate designs here:

Idea One: Ice Blade, Fire Guard

At rest, the sword is as it is on the left, no cross guard. Upon being drawn from the scabbard, the crystal pommel generates the flame that wraps around where the Knight is holding the blade and goes UP.

The Knight shouldn't worry about a Fire guard that he himself conjures. Only someone who is unworthy of wielding it should be damaged.

Idea Two: Fire blade, Ice Guard.

The blade is fine and to the point. But the blade should be fire. Saturn is Quiet, her Knight's blade shouldn't be.

The switch should go with the Pommel, Grip, and cross guard as well. Fire goes up. A rapier in hand has it's elaborate guard covering and downward (compare the sideways look of the previous design that you linked). A crystalline ice guard would flow much better with the grip's look, Could be worked into the pommel and would make better sense in the need of guarding the Knight's hand, even as a punching tool itself. Eliminates a worry of evisceration as well.
What do you think?
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UltraMatt Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Always love your senshi knight stuff!!!!
Arkus0 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautifully designed, I really like the look of the hilt guard
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