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Personal Projects & Updates

Comming Attractions in no particular order

Comic Production: The Heir of Babylon
Comic Production: The Merits of a Prince
Comic Production: Beyond Equestira: The Far East
Comic Production: Spring in the Underdark

Requests/Trades In Progress


Just for Fun Projects

Sailor Uranus: Swapping Sides
Various Sailor Senshi/Senshi Knights Designs
Various MLP Designs

Personal Quotes and Views

This month's views are on:
~:Trolls and Fandom Intolerance:~

In short; humanity is incapable of tolerance.
People will always have attitudes and mindsets that will make us believe that certain beliefs are right, and everyone else is wrong.
Its all the same as politics, whether they admit it or not. Fan's like to think of themselves as knowledgeable "Representatives" of their fandom, and will defend it however possible. Anyone who differs is wrong and their enemy, and the "fan-tards" (I like to call them) will take action like your average "Right-Wing Activist" with trolling, on average.

In a sense, Fan-tards and Trollz are just social terrorists on the internet.
I also think the movie "Men In Black" said it best;
Kay: "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it."




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We got Internet at the new apartment now. We are back online!
So we were approved for a new apartment, and will be moving in next week! Hit a couple of bumps in the road though...Comcast, my cable internet service...was SUPPOSED to have put my account on a "Seasonal Hold" while I was between homes, and instead of putting the Seasonal Hold on, they CANCELED my account...
So I have a lot of people to yell at tomorrow first thing, otherwise I may not have internets when I move in, and who knows when I will be online then. I'll keep things posted here.
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They Call Me...BOOBS!
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Primary Occupation: Technical Support
Secondary Occupation: US Navy Reserves, Repair and Administration Petty Officer.
Previous Occupation: US Navy; Communication Engineer - Honorably Discharged after 8-years

Currently Attending: University of the Rockies; Masters in Psychology (Taking Extended Leave from Classes)

Current Residence: Somewhere Outside My Head
Favourite genre of music: I like all kinds of Music
Favourite style of art: Traditional, Pixel, and Photoshop
Operating System: 2TBs of creative genius, I say! GENIUS!
MP3 player of choice: My iPhone
Shell of choice: Cowry
Skin of choice: I like my skin.
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck
Personal Quote: The only reason people hate their lives, is because they have to live them.

Commission Information

Commissions: Open
(Sculptures are on hold until personal matters are dealt with)

Trades : Closed
(Friends Only)
Requests : Closed
(Friends Only)

~: What You Are Paying For... :~
I draw all my images by hand, so more or less, you are paying me for the actual time, labor, and physical materials used (ie: Pencils, lead, paper, ink, pens, erasers). All coloring, shading, highlights and effects are done in Photoshop.
For a Sculpey figurine, you are paying for the Sculpey, Wire for skeletons, paints and glaze. All prices are calculated to ensure fairness. Trust me when I say I am not making much for actual profit gain.

Please keep in mind, the more detail demanded, the longer it takes to complete. Patience is required for the commissioner when an image/figurine requires complex details. Also, my real life takes priority over artwork, so be aware that I do not have all the time in the world available to me. I go to college, have a job, bills and responsibilities I need to take care of. So please be understanding of these conditions if you choose to commission me.

***Fair warning ahead of time!***
I am unable to draw any complex vehicles to save my life. So Cars, Motorcycles, Ships (Sea or Space), and just about everything with a motor. What can I do? Simpler means of travel, Boards, skates and such. I am trying to improve in the area of mechanical drawing, but I give no guarantees.

Cost for **Single Character Artwork:
**Each Additional Character: $5.00

1. Simple Penciled Sketch: $5.00
Victoria Sketches by SaturnGrl

2. Digital Line Art: $10.00
Line Art scanned and digitally rendered in Photoshop on a White background. Blank Transparent background optional, no extra charge.
Mina and Tails Hugs by SaturnGrl Lineart: Updated Senshi Knight Armor by SaturnGrl

3. Digital Simple Coloring: $15.00
Simple solid color scheme of the character's palate on a White background. Blank Transparent background optional, no extra charge.
MLP:FIM Baby Asian Dragon by SaturnGrl

4. Digital Simple Coloring w/ Simple Background: $20.00
Simple coloring of character's color palate and a simply designed background.
MLP FIM: Game of Stones by SaturnGrl

5. Full Digital Colored: 25.00
Your requested character, fully colored, shaded and highlighted on a White background. Simple or Blank Transparent background optional, no extra charge.
Encounter! Chaos Croc meets Rose by SaturnGrl Lin and Ren by SaturnGrl

6. Full Digital Colored w/ Background: $30.00
Fully colored image complete with a detailed background with effects.
Sonic/Black Knight: King Urien and Morgan le Fay by SaturnGrl You and what...Army? by SaturnGrl

Sculpey Figurines

$5 - Chao Character - About 1 inch tall (1.5 with the hovering icon)

$15 - 3 Inches Tall
$20 - 4 Inches Tall
$25 - 5 Inches Tall
$30 - 6 Inches Tall
Anything over 6 inches: Prices TBD

Will do:
Sonic Characters
Pony Related Characters
PYO Pony Characters
Maybe other fandom Characters

If you want your figure mounted on a base, the price of the base will be determined by the kind of base requested.

(Costs are estimated from materials available in the local stores)
Unfinished Wood Base: $5
Finished Wood Base: $8
(Any other kind of base, or base customization requested; Value will have to be estimated based on materials used.)

~: How to Contact :~
Send me a note if you are still interested after looking at the price listings. If you just comment a request on my profile or journal, you will be ignored. Make sure the note's subject is entitled as "Commission Request".
I will only take three Image and only one Sculpey commissions at a time, and its first come first served.
Also, there is no "Wait List". If you don't get in for a commission, you have to "re-apply" when I open back up again.

~: Payment :~

I will only accept paypal. Be sure to send it to;


I DO NOT work for points, and I will not negotiate these terms. I cannot pay rent or feed myself with digital currency that only has use on this website. And yes, I know all the rules and stipulations behind points, so do not make the claim that I can accept points and transfer it into money. It cannot be done. If you need proof, read here:

***Under the "Points Rules to Remember":***

3. You are unable to convert Points back into currency.

***Under the "Terms and Conditions for Points: BASIC RULES":***

4. deviantPOINTS may be transferred from one member to another member (collectively, a "Transfer" or "Transfers"). A Transfer does not include an exchange for real world currency.

These are the rules as posted by DeviantART Admins for all users to know. Do not complain or harass me for not accepting DA Points as payment.


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ryuukomatou Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I put my first page of my comic up. Sorry if you can't see some things. Had to take it on the couch.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
SaturnGrl Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Professional General Artist
It is a little hard to read with the photograph, and the paper bending a bit. We need to get your artwork scanned, if possible. You can usually get a pretty good scanner for about $50 from most electronics stores. Even cheaper if you buy something like a printer/scanner combo. Try looking around for some good sales and deals in your local area. ^_^
If you can't afford one, there are scanning services and even local libraries that let you scan artwork and documents for maybe 50-cents. Try checking out these options! ^^
ryuukomatou Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SaturnGrl Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Professional General Artist
My pleasure! Keep trying, and doing what you love!
ryuukomatou Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I ask a question? I'm about to submit a comic on my gallery and I wanted to ask if it's okay to use Coatl as a name for the main villain. I swear I won't take your Coatl for my comic. I just wanted to know if I can use the name for the villain.
SaturnGrl Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
Oh sure! I never copywriter names, just character designs and profiles of my characters belong to me.
I always thought that copyrighting such things like names was way too restrictive. It would be like saying: "My name is Bob, so that name belongs to me! No one else can use the name Bob!" Pretty silly, huh?
Thanks for asking though and sharing the info about your character and comic! Maybe I'll check it out! :D
ryuukomatou Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah. I was super worried you would be like,"Oh no, you can't use that name!" I'm that type of person who overreacts in the worst possible way so yeah. I hope you'll check it out! I might put the first page on today!!!!!!!!
SaturnGrl Featured By Owner May 8, 2017  Professional General Artist
Go for it! ^_^
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Blackvegetable Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
Happy Birthday! :D
TechTalkPony Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017
Happy Birthday! ᵔ.ᵔ…
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